A Complete Team

The Dude likes projects! He likes them large or small, local or international, well paid or for a good cause. When he has some extra time he even creates his own projects. He is allergic to trying to please everybody or to manipulate people to buy things they don't need. His job is to help his clients say what they want to say in a creative, accurate and respectful way. 

The Dude is specialized in 3D, interactivity and web. But as he has his background from advertising, marketing and journalism he regularly takes on many forms of communication through various channels for his clients. 

The Dude has professionals on idea, concept and advertising in Norway, and a production staff abroad. This way he can compete on quality as well as price. 

Please contact The Dude or stop by. He has plenty of coffee and loves a visit  :-)

Design - Nicolay B. Bergløff

Nicos makes things look good.
Equipped with a unique talent, Nicolay transforms even the saddest PowerPoint into a sparkling visual feast. 

+47 97033442